Celebrity Fashion

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This day fashion is important for us especially for celebrity, Fashion has been a lifestyle like Astaga.com lifestyle on the net, many best brand that we can choice, Vuitton bag and jewelry. Jessica Simpson totes a Vuitton bag, Courtney Cox is seen in Instyle wearing a beautiful Prada dress, Hilary Swank heads down the runway wearing Calvin Klein. If that’s not enough Paris Hilton arrives on the scene with Chanel sunglasses while Jennifer Lopez is seen with Fendi.

For Celebrity there is no reason to have the best fashion, nothing talk about money, saving money , no worry about saving to buy those designer items. The important thing is she can fulfill her lifestyle.
She buy items that look a lot like the designer items. Many call these knock offs and that they are but please realize there are licensed copies and then there are copies that infringe on copyrights.