Brad Pitt

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Why the attraction between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is so powerful? What is their soul connection?
The best answers are probably in the stars.

Brad Pitt
Birth date: Dec 18, 1963
Birth time: 6:31 AM
Birth place: Shawnee (OK) (USA)

Angelina Jolie
Birth date: Jun 4, 1975
Birth time: 9:09 AM
Birth place: Los Angeles (CA) (USA)

Love Compatibility for Sagitarius Brad Pitt and Gemini Angelina Jolie:

General Sun Sign Interaction
The interaction of Sun in Gemini, which Angelina has, and Sun in Sagittarius, which Brad has, is one of complimentary opposites. Both are outgoing and interested about life. They are both not specially realistic and rational.

Brad's Sun positive Angelina's Uranus
This will be most apparent in the way Brad assert his originality and independence. Developing his own unique style and a spirit of experimentation, he can encourage each other in a constant self-development process without trying to own each other in any way.

Brad: Moon in Capricorn
As Angelina has Moon in Aries, she has a strong temperament and an emotionally impulsive nature, which often creates a tense atmosphere. Brad, who has Moon in Capricorn is far more serious and controlled. Though both like to get things done, Brad is easily hurt and becomes very reserved, whenever Angelina acts in a headstrong manner - which is often.

Decendant sign combination
With the Descendant in Gemini, Brad is looking for a partner with whom he can have an intelligent conversation, yet who can at the same time poke fun at his tendency to take himself and his ideas too seriously. Angelina, with the Descendant in Capricorn, needs a partner who can be an example to her as far as responsibility, organisation and self-sufficiency is concerned. She thus evokes a sense of duty in Brad, whilst he would rather have a partner to cheer him up and not take things so seriously.

Venus Sign combination
With Venus in Cancer, Angelina is possessive and vulnerable, with strong, protective instincts in regard to loved ones. Brad, with Venus in Capricorn, takes a relationship very seriously indeed, and after initial hesitation is prepared to make a long-term commitment. This can make for a secure relationship, though Angelina might wish that Brad was more emotionally expressive.

Mars Sign Combination
Angelina, with Mars in Aries, and Brad with Mars in Capricorn make a dynamic and active pair. Brad does have a rather subdued, even inhibited, sexuality, which cannot be said of Angelina, who is spontaneous and feisty. Angelina can feel that Brad places too much restrictions on her life, and she refuses to be tamed. Brad is very absorbed in his work, and may feel that his partner wastes too much time on impulsive behaviour.

Mercury Sign Combination
With Mercury in Gemini Angelina is bright, intelligent, communicative - and completely at home in the world of ideas. Brad, who has Mercury in Capricorn, is far more slow and considered in style. He has little use for impractical theories. He is more concerned with ideas as a means to an end, whilst Angelina sees ideas as an end in themselves. She may lack a mental sparring partner in Brad, and feel that he does not listen to her ideas.

Angelina Jolie

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She is so controversial that everyone has an opinion on her life, her career, her family and everything she does. Angelina Jolie is stunning, beautiful, smart, both angelic mother and demonic temptress. Her talent is obvious: she worked as a model and actress since she was a child, she won three Golden Globes in a row (besides other awards and nominees) and if you've seen at least one of her movies, you can't deny her charm.

Angelina Jolie is in the center of attention these days because of her relationships with Brad Pitt and of course because of "A Mighty Hear", her new movie. Her life has been covered by popular media ever since her career breakthrough in 1999, but she was not stranger to show business since she was a child. Angelina is a daughter of actors Marcheline Bertrand and Jon Voight. She had studied in Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, she tried to make a career in modeling at age 16 and she even performed in several music videos before starting a serious career as an actress. She had played roles of rebel teens and problematic persons in TV movies ("True Women", "George Wallace", "Gia"). This experience gained her Golden Globe and SAG awards and helped her career to jump to the next level.

In 1999 she appeared in two movies that made her one of the top actresses of the world. She played a police officer along with Denzel Washington in "The Bone Collector". This part along with the complicated role of harsh sociopath girl in "Girl, Interrupted" stunned every critic that year and left no more doubts of Angelina's talent. She is mostly known for the "Lara Croft" movies where she appeared as adventurous bounty hunter. This character is even called female Indiana Jones. Angelina Jolie performed her own stunts for these movies and gained an image of sexual heroine. Her biggest success was action comedy "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" were she played secret assassin who finds out her husband is assassin as well. Angelina Jolie is also interested in more dramatic characters: she played complicated women in movies "The Good Shepherd" and "A Mighty Heart".

Angelina Jolie often appears on the lists of most beautiful and sexual women. Her body is perfect and she has never tried plastic surgery so far which is uncommon for actress these days. In fact, the shape of her lips is very popular among lovers of plastic surgery. Her body is decorated with 13 tattoos that help her to create the eccentric image. The earlier roles she played formed her image as the "cool girl", however the later movies disclosed Angelina as mature women.

Angelina's relationships with men were always followed by media because of her crazy temper during her twenties. She had her first husband Jonny Lee Miller's name written on her shirt with blood on their wedding day. This marriage hadn't lasted for long, but the second choice was in the center of gossips even more. Both Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton were eccentric and dared to demonstrate their feelings in the publicity for the joy of photographers. Their used to carry each others blood in phials on their ...


Maria Sharapova

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Maria Sharapova is not just a famous professional tennis player and a former World Nr. 1. She is also well known for being the Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Development program and donations to Chernobyl-recovery projects.

Maria was born on April 19, 1987, in Russia. Her parents moved from place to place to escape the aftermath of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Finally, they relocated to town Sochi, where Maria, watching her father in playing courts, took her first racket and felt in love with tennis. She was only four-year-old then.

It wasn't hard to notice that the little girl had special talent for this sport. While playing in Moscow, she was noticed by a famous tennis player who mentioned to her father that Maria really has talent for tennis. Soon after that Yuri, Maria's father decided to help his only daughter reach her potential. And so they both left to America to find her the best coach possible.

Though Maria's talent was obvious, she was too young to become a full-time student at IMG's Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy in Bradenton, Florida. While her father was working odd jobs, the young girl was training, and soon began to accumulate victories in various tournaments.

Being nine-year-old she received a scholarship to the Academy. She was separated from her father for seven months. Intense training with older players and separation from family was undoubtedly very hard for such a young girl. But Maria didn't lose her heart and was devoted to the game.

Her first famous victory was achieved in 2000. There, 13-year-old Maria did a wonderful job in the Girls' 16-and-under Eddie Herr Championships. This was only the first victory that gained her success. Sharapova is the first Russian female to ever claim the #1 ranking in the world and being the fifth youngest female to ever hold the #1 spot.

The endorsements of Maria are amazing. She was listed in 2005 as the highest-paid female-athlete in the world. The majority of her income is however earned not from tennis, but from endorsements and sponsorship.

Sharapova is also well-known for her love to children. She once said: "You know, one of the greatest things about being an athlete and, you know, making money is realizing that you can help, you know, help the world, and especially children, who I absolutely love working with."

This amazing athlete is also a model. She poses for magazine covers and has earned many compliments for her looks. She was even named the hottest athlete in world. Which is undoubtedly true.

Though Maria Sharapova is famous all over the world, she's surely not one of those spoilt stars. She's an amazing athlete, who earns a lot of money and instead of saving she uses them for charity and various projects to help people. The story of devotion and success should be an inspiration for all young people to achieve as much as possible in their works. The example of Maria Sharapova is surely the best you can find.



Is Identity Theft Insurance A Good Option For You?

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With the use of modern conveniences such as online banking, credit cards and automated services comes the risk of falling victim to an elaborate scam. Every year, countless people have their identities stolen. This means that someone impersonates the victim in order to gain access to their bank account, use their credit card, or one of many other malicious activities. If you are the victim of identity theft, you will most likely experience a horrible hassle when picking up the pieces and re-establishing yourself.

This is why many people are turning to identity theft insurance to keep them safe from the countless threats of modern life. Identity theft insurance requires that you pay a small premium every month. In return, if you have your identity stolen, the insurance company pays for many things involved in the process of regaining your identity. This includes phone bills, mailing costs, lost wages, attorney fees, and other expenses. It is hard to say whether the average person needs identity theft insurance. However, it is definitely a valid choice in some cases.

Some people are at a higher risk of having their identity stolen. If it has happened to you before, unfortunately it is more likely to happen again. If you conduct a lot of online business, including trading, bank account management, buying or selling, then you are at a higher risk of having your personal data stolen. In both of these cases, identity theft insurance is probably a good option to consider. But for the average person, the actual chance of having your identity stolen is fairly low, and insurance might not be necessary.

Identity theft insurance is becoming more and more popular with insurance companies, and sometimes you won’t even need to find a specialty company. Ask your current insurance company if they have any plans that you can add on to your current one that will protect you from identity theft. If your current insurance company offers such a thing, then it will probably be better to use their services, as long as you agree with the terms. However, you shouldn’t buy the insurance simply out of fear. Analyze your situation objectively to decide whether you are at risk or not.

Does DL-Phenylalanine Help with Pain Relief? by Darrell Miller

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DL-Phenylalanine has been found to work in conjunction with the body's natural ability to relieve pain. It helps to lengthen the lifespan of the chemicals in the brain that ease pain. It is especially effective in relieving pain from arthritis and aching muscles.
Some chronic pain can be treated with DL-phenylalanine through the stimulation of nerve pathways in the brain that control pain. Enhanced pain relief has been discovered when D-phenylalanine is used in conjunction with prescribed pain killers. This manufactured form of phenylalanine is used to block an enzyme in the nervous system that increases pain signals. The interruption of pain signals allows the healing mechanisms of the body to begin working faster.

DL-Phenylalanine is a chemical combination of half L-phenylalanine and half D-phenylalanine. L-Phenylalanine is the natural form of phenylalanine found in proteins all over the body. It is found in foods like beef, poultry, pork, fish, eggs, milk, yogurt, cheese, nuts, seeds and certain soy products. D-Phenylalanine is a synthesized form of the chemical, which means it is produced in a laboratory.

Phenylalanine as an Amino Acid:

Amino acids perform various major functions in the body. They assist in fulfilling the body's basic needs from minerals and vitamins. They can act as neurotransmitters, which carry signals to and from the brain. They also aid in other parts of the body for communication between nerve cells.

Phenylalanine is one of the essential amino acids found in protein. This means it is required for human health, but cannot be manufactured by the human body. Therefore it has to be supplied through food consumption. It can also be found and taken in the form of powder, capsule, tablet or a topical cream. In the body, phenylalanine is converted into tyrosine, which is another amino acid needed to make protein. It is also needed to make certain brain chemicals and thyroid hormones. Phenylalanine deficiency signs include:

* Confusion * Decreased alertness * Lack of energy * Diminished appetite * Decreased memory

Phenylalanine Warnings:

A rare disorder called phenylketonuria (PKU) happens in humans who are missing the enzyme required to metabolize phenylalanine. Symptoms of this disorder tend to appear between the ages of 3-6 months. These include:

* Eczema * Developmental delay * Abnormally small head circumference * Hyperactivity

If PKU is not treated within the first three weeks of life, it can cause severe and irreversible mental retardation. Women who are pregnant or nursing should avoid taking phenylalanine as a supplement in any form. DL-Phenylalanine may cause hyperactivity, jitteriness and anxiety in children.

Phenylalanine is the major ingredient in the artificial sweetener known as aspartame. Products containing this sweetener are required by law to carry warnings on their labels for phenylketonurics. People who have PKU can be severely injured by ingesting the sweetener. Products containing this artificial sweetener include diet sodas, sugarless gums and some sugar substitutes. Some sugar-free versions of Jello, puddings, ice creams, candies and various other items also contain aspartame.

Other Phenylalanine Uses:

Some individuals have reported that taking DL-phenylalanine has improved their mood and aided in treating depression. This is the result of a higher rate of production of the brain chemicals dopamine and norepinephrine. These chemicals, when out of balance, cause depression, stress and frustration. Elevation of the levels of these chemicals have an anti-depressant effect in the body.

One study suggests that D-phenylalanine has been shown to improve some symptoms associated with Parkinson's disease. These include: depression, rigidity, walking problems and speech problems.

The combination of L-phenylalanine and UVA radiation may be used to treat the symptoms of vitiligo. This condition involves de-pigmentation (white patches) of skin. The use of L-phenylalanine may help to re-pigment these patches, but further study is necessary.

DL-Phenylalanine has many uses and benefits if taken correctly. As with any new dietary supplement, consult your physician before beginning a new routine.

About the Author
More information on DL-Phenylalanine and pain relief is available at VitaNet ®, LLC Health Food Store.

Quit Smoking Tips that Actually WORK! by Allen Iser

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When you're sifting through pages on the Net looking for some tips which are going to help you stave off your smoking cravings, you come across a lot of nonsense. I've sifted through all the nonsense and come up with a few powerful quit smoking tips which you can easily implement which will actually help. Have a look and see if these work for you:
Quit Smoking Tip

#1: Cut Back on Cigarettes Gradually

If you're going through say a pack of cigarettes daily, don't make big leaps like cutting your smoking in half. Set a plan in motion to cut back GRADUALLY. Try cutting out 1 cigarette a day every 3-4 days. Load up all the cigarettes you will be smoking for the day in *1* pack and have that be your sole source of cigarettes for that day. As time goes by, you will be removing 1 cigarette from this pack at a time, if in the process of utilizing this technique you feel any discomfort, distract yourself by chewing some gum or drinking some coffee.
Quit Smoking Tip

#2: Tell your Friends and Family of your Quit Smoking Plan

The more people you tell about how you're embarking on a journey to quit smoking the better. What will take place is the principle of accountability. When we feel accountable to someone to follow through with a plan of action, we are more likely to do it. The more you speak with enthusiasm and intent to those around you about your plans the more you will feel COMPELLED to follow through. When you take pride in your word being your bond and then follow through with this exercise, the accountability and responsibility factor will take affect on your psyche each time you feel the urge to cheat on your plan.
Quit Smoking Tip

#3: Take it Day by Day and assess progress weekly

If you focus on quitting smoking for good, you will only overwhelm yourself. You must learn to small chunk things, try and improve little by little and set your main focus on seeing weekly progress. Every week, re-asses what you've done for the past 7 days. Have you cut back on the cigarettes you smoke each day? If you're using the above method of cutting out 1 cigarette every 3-4 days, you should be assessing whether or not you are smoking 2 less cigarettes a week.
If for any reason you did not follow through or see any progress, don't loose hope. The fact that you have a system in place and are taking affirmative action is proof enough you are moving in the right direction, it is a process. You may re-assess your plan and make for a more gradual cutback if you failed to see progress in the last week, just as long as the overall trend each week is a decrease in smoking activity.

These tips are extremely powerful, if implemented! It is not enough to read these and get a slight positive high over what you could potentially do. Take action starting NOW! Get out a pen and paper right now, yes now, and take 10 minutes to write down your own personal cutting back plan. Once you are finished, explain this plan to at least one other person, then set it in motion by getting out a cigarette pack and placing your daily allowance of cigarettes for the following day. Pack that away in your pocket and make that your ONLY source of cigarettes for the day. Get writing, there is no tomorrow, all there is, is the eternal NOW, get up and make this a reality!

About the Author
Allen Iser has extensive experience in breaking his own self-destructive addictions. For more great information like this you can check out his website at

Madonna Hard Candy album download now is Hot by Rachel Smith

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Madonna is out with the new album called "Hard Candy" and is one of the latest album and success for Madonna in year 2008. If you are thinking of Download Madonna "Hard Candy " album at home on mp3 or ipod you must consider a few things in mind. Ys you can download it online but beware of those "free software" that can actually harm your system and furthermore you will not get unlimited access download for your music.

Here are few steps that you can actually learn , once you have found a good downloading site then you can search for your music title or album . The Next step you can actually download as many titles songs as you can to your computer then burn it to cd.

Step 1 - Find your Madonna "Hard Candy" Album first then you can Search as many titles as you want, there are no limits. Browse millions of files for your favorite music , movies ,television shows, sporting events and more. Once you find what you're looking proceed to the next step.

Step 2 - Download Madonna "Hard Candy" Album , next Click the file you just found to begin your download. You can download Madonna "Hard Candy" Album and millions of other titles immediately. Your one time membership fee provides you with FREE DVD Copy Software, Movie Players, CD Burning Software, VIP technical support and more!

Step 3 - Burn Madonna "Hard Candy" Album to CD or DVD. Play your newly downloaded music on your computer, mp3 , ipod or even your player. The services provides you with the software needed to easily burn music to your CD or DVD . Build your own Music Empire collection. Join now and find everything you need to share with millions of user all over the world! Download Madonna "Hard Candy " album at home

About the Author

Rachel is internet marketer who loves Music and Movies and invites you to Download Madonna "Hard Candy " album at home



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