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When Investigators are examining and studying crime from scientific perspective, this is referred to as criminology This includes the parallels between crime and different forms of phenomenon such as the development of particular types of laws. Criminology also works to identify how to address the criminal behavior of criminals and how to eventually control the criminal element. Drawing on psychological and sociological research, criminologists are able to look at the different ways in which a criminal’s environment will affect them. It can also help when it comes to profiling criminals in order to understand them and have a better chance of catching a criminal that is on the loose. By using criminology, individuals are able to not only profile a potential perpetrator, but they are also able to take a more intellectual look at how crime is perpetuated in our world and what steps can be taken in order to limit crime.

There are different schools of thought when it comes to how individuals approach the concept of criminology. Some of the most popular schools include those that are known as the Classical school. These schools were developed over a period of time. One of the main factors that differentiate the schools of thought would be how the criminologists view environment in the life of the criminal. Some believe that the criminals have to take responsibility for their actions regardless of what is happening in the environment at the time, in line with the Classical movement, while others believe that criminals may be predisposed to crime, as is proposed by the Positivists.

Criminology experts look at crime in a variety of different manners. By defining the distinctions between the different types of crimes, it is easier to come up with theories as to how and why the crime took place. One type of crime would be those that go against core values. These seemingly natural laws are ones that are common among many different cultures, separated by time and space. Natural laws are those that are considered to be able to protect individuals and their property from abuse by others. Some of the more controversial laws include statutes which are put into place by legal institutions. The relationship between state and citizen is explored in these laws, which is what causes the conflict in some instances. As a result of looking at the different construction foundations behind laws, it is possible to understand the many different ways in which crimes are categorized. Organized crime, state crime, blue or white collar crimes and organized crime are some of the most popular types of crime that exist.


Golden Glam

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After talk about Exotic Body Jewelry now i want to share you about Golden Glam. Throughout the years, gold has always been considered one of the most precious and sought after metals. It has been the passion of a lot of treasure hunters and at the hearts of many who have lusted after the glint of riches that that particular metal can provide. Aside from being used as currency, it has been the primary metal used in jewelry dating perhaps farther than ancient Egypt.

While gold used to be used primarily as a status symbol that usually connoted power, you will find gold nowadays within the circuitry of your computer and other electronic gadgets because of its superior conduction power as well as its resistance to most chemical reactions.

However, the use of gold in jewelry has not stopped. In fact, more than in the usual traditional jewelry pieces, gold is now used in more modern and fashionable body jewelry. Body jewelry refers to the non-conventional body adornments that has become a large part of our pop culture. From large, ostentatious pieces of jewelry in the form of over sized pendants or large rings popularized by hip-hop artists called "bling bling"; to more deviant body piercing jewelry that adorns every conceivable and inconceivable part of the human body, body jewelry has become part and parcel of modern day fashion.

True to form, you will find very fashionable gold body jewelry available in the market to suit your needs and style. Gold body jewelry is more popular for "bling bling" articles than body piercing jewelry. This is probably due to the fact that for one thing, gold still remains a precious metal and therefore command a higher price than other types of metals used in these types of jewelry. More common and more affordable types of metals used in body jewelries are silver and stainless steel.

Another factor that may inhibit the use of gold in body jewelry may stem from the fact that gold has a very malleable property or state. This means that the higher the concentration of gold used, the more likely it is easier to be bent and deformed. This is especially unfortunate for body jewelry that will experience a lot of wear and tear as it is worn very close to the body and may snag or catch on the clothes one is wearing.

Luckily though, gold body jewelry need not be made of real gold. Gold body jewelry can be made of painted or plated metal to mimic the color and other properties of gold and this allows one to enjoy the look and feel of gold without the encumbering cost as well as the delicate property that it is known for.

Of course, these faux gold body jewelry items are not meant to maintain the look of gold for very long. Eventually, after much use, the faux gold body jewelry will begin to lose its luster and eventually tarnish. If it is a good quality faux gold body jewelry however, the fading and tarnishing will be gradual, and on some occasions, if the base metal that was painted was of a good quality, the metal will maintain a polished, albeit whiter or silver look.

Whatever the case, do go out and scout for great gold body jewelry finds in the market. Gold body jewelry compliments darker and warmer skin tones and is best to show off a nice tan.

Exotic Body Jewelry

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We know Jewelry is an important things for women, beside as accessories, jewelry will make a women look beauty and smart. Jewelry can be used as necklace or a bracelet and it will look good on the individual as long as goes with the outfit.

Jewelry always used by artist like Naomi Campbell, Angelina Jolie and others. Body jewelry has been around for a long time. Lately, a lot of celebrities and those in college have done this. But those who want to do something different should take it to the next level and this can happen by using those that are exotic.

Exotic body jewelry by definition is something the person will have on the skin. The big difference between this and those regularly worn around the neck, the hair or the hands is the fact that this will be placed on other parts of the body. Most of the stores that offer exotic jewelry primarily sell these for the breast of the woman. There are nipple clips, rings and shields that are all lightweight. A chain can also be attached to both that will surely turn anyone on.

There are two types of exotic jewelry. There are variants that have to be pierced to the body and there are those that can be clipped so it will not fall off. The average selling price, $9 to $60. Another example of exotic body jewelry is the kind that will fit into one's belly button. This can also be pierced or clipped just like those for the nipples with some that use adhesive that can easily be washed off. Just for laughs, those who are bold enough can buy the model that lights up in the dark.

Exotic body jewelry is not just for the upper body. Those who want to take another leap forward can have the same thing done for the bottom portion of the body. These are also lightweight so it won't be painful for those who choose to use it.

People who want to have exotic body jewelry can visit some specialty stores in the mall. The customer will soon realize that these are made of different materials such as gold, silver and plastic which comes in different colors and sizes. There are probably more of these selections online so the customer should check it out and then place an order so this can be delivered to the home. This will surely arouse those who see it being worn but this is just clean fun for the person and perhaps someone else to enjoy.

Those who have never tried exotic jewelry before should take it slow. It is best to use the clip ones or those that will require adhesive glue for starters before thinking about those that will require piercing. Those who want this pierced should be sure that the store uses sterilizes its equipment. It would be bad if the first time this happens the customer gets an allergy or an infection that could ruin the possibility of ever doing it again.

Exotic body jewelry should always be cleaned before and after each use. This should also be stored in a safe so it will not get contaminated.

One singer said that the "body is a wonderland." Some people will agree with these words should that person know someone that is willing to try these accessories or is in a habit of playing with it. You shoud read this too :
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Egyptian Sphinx

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I get this information while searching using because adalah Multiple Search Engine Popular and i find about egyptian sphinx, and i want to share you to open your mind and make your education.

A great symbol of Ancient Egypt is the Sphinx. A magnificent monument carved out of living rock, sits outstandingly in the Giza Plateau.

It is a carving of the body of a lion with a head of a king or god, symbolizing strength and wisdom. It is 200 feet long and 65 feet high with paws being 50 feet long.
The body of the sphinx was buried in the desert sand for thousands of years and only in 1905, about a century ago, the sands has been cleared away from it. Thus, the sphinx has several layers of erosions, those that are horizontal are due to sand and stone, while some are vertical due to water (probably rain) erosions.

It is believed that the sphinx was built by king Khafre (Chephren 2558-2532B.C.) who was one of he 4th Dynasty kings and whom the 2nd pyramid of Giza was built for him.

The sphinx faces due to the east, to the horizon and this has an astronomical belief to the ancient Egyptians. It is also thought that it is a guardian of the horizon for the later journey of the kings in the life-after.

There is a large stela between the front paws of the sphinx. It was placed by king ThutmoseIV and describes the king during his hunting in the young days ,while falling asleep min the shade on the sphinx. During his sleep, he dreamt that the sphinx talked to him and told him to clear away the sand around his head and he will be rewarded by making him a pharaoh.

However the sphinx misses some pieces, his ritual beard that is now placed in the British museum. While his nose was used as a target by Napoleon’s troops.

The sphinx has undergone many major restorations. It now features a sound and light display where it seems as though narrating its story. This is a much delightful tourist attraction by itself.

by: Dr.Sherin ElKhawaga

Poker - the best online game

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Poker games require great creativity. In this game, calculations and well planned strategies are the key to win. When playing competitive poker, you should be not only a player, but also an investor. Many decisions that have to be made when playing poker are similar to decisions in investment issues. That is why there is a parallel between playing online poker and doing business in the speculative world of the stock market.

Just like an investor on the stock market is observing and checking a security before investing in it, a poker player has to check and evaluate the poker hands that he is holding in the given situation in order to decide what step to take next. Rationality should play a high roll in making those decisions. Like in every investment business, also in poker there is an analysis of cost and benefit.

Poker shapes your mind. It teaches and trains you calculating your next steps, and like this it enhances your business skills.