This is my personal blog. The opinions expressed here are mine and are not necessarily shared by companies or people I am associated with.

I try to be accurate in my blogs, but I am not a journalist. Therefore, you should take everything you read here (and most other places on the Web) as statements of opinion, not fact. I would encourage anyone wishing to cite my blog to find supplemental sources. Content In this blog just my expressing about some products and services and i get some revenue for this from various sources. Feel free to contact me if you wish to know where I got any of my information.

Since this is a blog, there may be comments on posts. Obviously, I am not responsible for the comments left by others, and they do not necessarily represent my views. I will not remove or edit comments at the request of a reader unless they contain personal confidential information like phone numbers or social security numbers. I will however remove any comments I want at any time. This is, after all, my blog. I may also post a press release about a product. But I will never endorse a product that I have not used and would not honestly recommend. If you would like me to write about your site, you can send me a press release and I’ll consider it. If you have a blog, and you would like to exchange links, link to a post on my site which you enjoyed and I’ll consider doing the same.a

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