Quit Smoking Tips that Actually WORK! by Allen Iser

When you're sifting through pages on the Net looking for some tips which are going to help you stave off your smoking cravings, you come across a lot of nonsense. I've sifted through all the nonsense and come up with a few powerful quit smoking tips which you can easily implement which will actually help. Have a look and see if these work for you:
Quit Smoking Tip

#1: Cut Back on Cigarettes Gradually

If you're going through say a pack of cigarettes daily, don't make big leaps like cutting your smoking in half. Set a plan in motion to cut back GRADUALLY. Try cutting out 1 cigarette a day every 3-4 days. Load up all the cigarettes you will be smoking for the day in *1* pack and have that be your sole source of cigarettes for that day. As time goes by, you will be removing 1 cigarette from this pack at a time, if in the process of utilizing this technique you feel any discomfort, distract yourself by chewing some gum or drinking some coffee.
Quit Smoking Tip

#2: Tell your Friends and Family of your Quit Smoking Plan

The more people you tell about how you're embarking on a journey to quit smoking the better. What will take place is the principle of accountability. When we feel accountable to someone to follow through with a plan of action, we are more likely to do it. The more you speak with enthusiasm and intent to those around you about your plans the more you will feel COMPELLED to follow through. When you take pride in your word being your bond and then follow through with this exercise, the accountability and responsibility factor will take affect on your psyche each time you feel the urge to cheat on your plan.
Quit Smoking Tip

#3: Take it Day by Day and assess progress weekly

If you focus on quitting smoking for good, you will only overwhelm yourself. You must learn to small chunk things, try and improve little by little and set your main focus on seeing weekly progress. Every week, re-asses what you've done for the past 7 days. Have you cut back on the cigarettes you smoke each day? If you're using the above method of cutting out 1 cigarette every 3-4 days, you should be assessing whether or not you are smoking 2 less cigarettes a week.
If for any reason you did not follow through or see any progress, don't loose hope. The fact that you have a system in place and are taking affirmative action is proof enough you are moving in the right direction, it is a process. You may re-assess your plan and make for a more gradual cutback if you failed to see progress in the last week, just as long as the overall trend each week is a decrease in smoking activity.

These tips are extremely powerful, if implemented! It is not enough to read these and get a slight positive high over what you could potentially do. Take action starting NOW! Get out a pen and paper right now, yes now, and take 10 minutes to write down your own personal cutting back plan. Once you are finished, explain this plan to at least one other person, then set it in motion by getting out a cigarette pack and placing your daily allowance of cigarettes for the following day. Pack that away in your pocket and make that your ONLY source of cigarettes for the day. Get writing, there is no tomorrow, all there is, is the eternal NOW, get up and make this a reality!

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Allen Iser has extensive experience in breaking his own self-destructive addictions. For more great information like this you can check out his website at http://www.quit-smoking-for-good.org/

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