A Refreshing Way To Avoid Diabetes?

It appears that decaffeinated coffee has been linked to lowering your risk of type 2 diabetes, according to a document in a recent issue of Archives of Internal Medicine, a JAMA/Archives journal. It appears one of the benefits happens to be lower risk, excellent news for all you double shot latte fans out there. However, doctors are still not definite what the cause & effect is.

But I hope you are thirsty, iIn the study, the respondents that where least likely to create diabetes consumed over seven cups of coffee a day over a twelve year period. not good for healthy. Excellent news for those of you already Dueto card at Starbucks, but those of you how don’t drink this much coffee have no fear, there is still hope.

Overall caffeine intake did not appear to be the culprit, further proposing that some other ingredient in coffee is responsible. Coffee is high in Magnesium, which might describe some of the inverse relation between coffee intake & the risk of diabetes through known helpful effects on the carbohydrate metabolism. However, the study found no relation between Magnesium & diabetes risk. Other minerals & nutrients present in the coffee bean including compounds known as polyphenols, which have also been shown to help the body method carbohydrates & antioxidants, which might protect cells in the insulin producing pancreas can contribute to its beneficial effects & needs to be examined in future studies.

While much of the study does not specifically identify coffee as a true source for fighting diabetes, it definite tastes better than insulin. Drink Up!

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