What to Expect , Sleep Study

When sleep apnea is suspected a sleep study is recommended in most cases. It is an excellent tool to collect comprehensive information about somebody’s sleep pattern.
Multiple information channels will record positive physiological parameters taken from your sleeping body. These are: blood oxygen saturation, airflow through your nose, chest work, muscle tension, eye movement, and brain activity.

A few electrodes and other sensors will be attached to your head and chest, like in the coursework of a technique EKG. The study usually takes place in a specially equipped room called a sleep lab in a hospital or a sleep clinic. You will be asked to bring your regular sleeping supplies.
When you show up in the lab you will learn all you need to know about the study, you will also have a chance to ask all the questions you may have. The whole procedure is relaxing, there is no pain or risk involved. The technician that will work with you wishes you to feel comfortable and relaxed so you can have as nice a sleep as feasible.

The only complication being that, as mentioned before, there will be several electrodes and sensors attached to various places on your body that may be slightly uncomfortable and may limit your freedom of movement.
Three times you are in bed all the wires and tubings will be connected to the recording equipment. Usually it is located across the wall in the neighboring room so you are not disturbed by its operation.
At any time in the event you need to leave the bed the study will be stopped and you will be allowed to leave the room, it will take a minute to disconnect you from the equipment. Even in the event you are unable to sleep through the night they will usually collect information to come up with a diagnosis.

Most individuals who have sleep apnea are sleep evil and go to sleep basically. There will even be a camera as well as a microphone in the room so the position, movements, and sounds of your body in the coursework of sleep can be correlated with the recorded information.
Three times the study is over all sensors and electrodes will be deattached and you will be free to go home. Within a day or three your study will be scored and the results reviewed by a doctor specializing in sleep disorders.

If the study reveals that you have sleep apnea your doctor will select the best treatment option based on the severity of your disease and other factors including medical insurance and personal preference.

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