Magic Jack Scam

Magic jack is a little a revolutionary equipment, uses the VOIP technology to reduce anybody's telephone cost call number in the US or Canada. As with any relatively new product technology localization, which has received a fair share of criticism from people who are labeled as ' Magic Jack Scam, although poorly. They went out to kill the myth and put into practice the truth behind some of the grievances. Several claimed Magic Jack Scams are as follows: the free trial isn’t free, there is no customer service, poor call quality, and incoming bill from internet provider.

To clarify this let’s have a look on some are what so called ‘Magic Jack Scam’ all about. About the free trial: There are several examples of people online complain that they have been charged after the free trial. When you register for a free trial you are asked to provide your card details and be notified in case of services that if you fail to cancel the service and the device back in the 30 day free trial, you really will be charged for the device and the first year of service. About the Customer Service: We are talking about a comprehensive knowledge base, support via e-mail and chat. Indeed, at a price of $ 19.95 per year for unlimited calls to USA and Canada (i.e., 38 cents per week), we do not see why we're not all private. They replace the call-centre to reduce the costs to consumers, and they believe that this is the right choice. And still many more about this ‘Magic Jack’ scam explained in details in their website.

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