Palliative Care for Fatal Illness

We often see that fatally ill patients are condemned to die. If family members or palliative care staffs speaks to a dying person or facing any fatal illness then the patient feels better but the way the people speak should be comfortable for the patient. We should listen to them when they are saying about their end of life conditions. Also we can make a dying person to talk about the situations in the family after his death. Try to remember some past events with them this way you can give them smooth introduction about their condition and can understand their wishes.

It is very important to talk to a dying or fatally ill person even if they avoid talking because when they keep silence their stress level increases and it reduces their quality of life. When they share their feelings it would help them to reduce their anxiety and makes them feel better. You can talk to them by holding their hand, walking with them in garden or simply be near to the person. Music, love and affection can bring some changes in the life of a dying person. Music and spiritual aspects have used since from ancient days to remove the unwanted illness of the body. These things will send a positive message to the patients and will make them to lead better lifetime. The music is a medium of expression and it helps the person to express his feelings and remove the stress and painful feelings. It promotes the quality of life of patients and their family as well.

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