Something about Contact Lenses

Working population of today's times have the purchasing capacity in their hands. They prefer looking lovely and like to be admired by others. Simplicity itself is no more elementary and emerging trends in the fashion world have proved the same. Mixing and matching the eye color with the garments worn or increasing the face value by changing the tone of eyes in accordance to skin are the latest style statements. ladies today are no more afraid to try different shades of eyes like Grey, Blue, Green, Orange and plenty of others. For them different eye colors reflect boldness and carefree attitude that could be basically flaunted.

The most important and probably the most tedious work is that of cleaning the contact lenses. Thanks to manufacturers today cleaning them have become simpler with the help of new cleaning solutions flooding the market. But this in any circumstance does not refer to you being careless towards handling of your lenses. Eye is a sensitive region and thus it becomes mandatory to be cautious about anything and everything that is associated with them. For ladies who wear eye makeup the task of cleaning and defending the lenses becomes even more daunting.

ladies who wear eye makeup must be cautious about certain things. Here are few tips to make your eyes feel and look lovely without sticking the makeup in your lenses. Before you put contact lenses in your eyes make certain you have washed your hands thoroughly. This would help you avoid transfer any dirt and germs to the contact lens. You must wear your lenses before applying eye make up this helps avoiding the transfer of any creams, oils and lotions to the lens. Try using non-allergic makeup. there's several brands in market offering eye friendly products. it is better to make use of cream eye shadow than powder as former would not fall in to eyes as compared to latter. However, even creams can be irritating in the event that they make it to your eyes. it is better to make use of water based creams than oil based ones. But in the event you still must make use of powder then close your eyes and brush the excess powder off before opening the eyes. This way you would be able to keep it out of your eyes & protect your lenses. Eye liner must be applied to exterior of eyes than interior while using contact lenses. Avoid mascara however in the event you need to apply the same make certain you do it carefully over your eye lashes and not bump the brush in your contact lenses. For removing eye makeup wash your hands throughly and carefully remove the contact lenses without touching any makeup. Now use your eye makeup remover to get rid of it.

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